Commercial companies

Establishing the optimal structure of a business is the basis of its future success. We actively support this endeavor by solving any corporate problems of a commercial company or any complex procedures in this matter.

  • Establishment of the company, Start-up, Mergers, Divisions, Dissolutions, Withdrawals of associates, Change of form or structure of companies, Capital changes, Administration, AGM procedures, Decisions.
  • Detailed legal due diligence reports, Compliance with legislation applicable to different types of special regime companies, Regulated procedures and formalities.
  • Acquisition of companies or takeover of goodwill, Investments, Confidentiality agreements, Agreements between associates, Assisting and advising on any company acquisition operations.

Real Estate Transactions and Developments

The construction sector is often regarded as the engine of the economy. We assist and represent real estate investors, developers, engineering or property management companies for residential, industrial, commercial or infrastructure projects.

  • Property analysis and verification reports, Purchases or any other type of real estate transactions, Association and partnership agreements, Guarantees, Undertaking contracts, Planning and building permits, Expropriations.
  • Disputes and Arbitration Related Thereto.

IT, Telecom & Media

Modern society is generally technology-based, and continuous innovation, ever-sharper technical solutions and rapid communication are essential. We work for clients in the field of technology, software development and IT solutions, as well as telecommunications service providers.

  • Projects and infrastructure development agreements, Data Centers, Protection of intellectual or industrial property rights, Development, implementation and licensing of IT software solutions, Protection of personal data, Electronic payments, Alignment with the requirements of regulatory and control authorities (BNR, ANARC , ANRE, Competition Council, ASF).
  • Disputes and Arbitration Related Thereto.

Public procurement

We advise clients regarding participation in public procurement procedures, to win projects financed from national or European funds.

  • Assistance and advice throughout the entire procedure, Drafting of participation documentation, Clarification and bidding procedures, Negotiation and conclusion of public contracts.
  • Challenging the procedures at the National Council for the Resolution of Appeals and, subsequently, before the courts for the suspension of the procedures, the cancellation or the conclusion of public contracts.


We provide permanent advice to clients in their business projects, with a mentality oriented to their realization, covering the associated legal risks and securing their opportunities, through high quality legal services, carefully reasoned legal opinions, drafting of contracts and necessary documentation, assistance and representation in negotiations.

  • Contracting, Financing, Insurance, Compliance with the special legal regime applicable to certain activities, Administrative and fiscal acts, Competition, Consumer protection, Intellectual property, Labor relations, Protection of personal data, Public procurement.
  • Disputes and Arbitration Related Thereto.


Our goal is to resolve any dispute in favor of our clients before court proceedings begin. Once in court, however, we represent our clients aggressively pursuing the expected result.

  • Pre-litigation evaluation of the conflict situation and its preventive management, Assistance and representation in the negotiation of conventions or transactions for the amicable settlement of the dispute.
  • Disputes between associates or between companies, Contractual disputes, Ownership and possession of goods, Insurance, Trademarks and intellectual property rights, Labor relations, Malpaxis, Insurance, Debt recovery, Foreclosures.


Legal solutions must be tailored to any stage of a business, whether for creditors who have not been able to recover their claims, or for companies in financial difficulty that want to relaunch or close down.

  • Requests to open insolvency proceedings, Claims, Debt recovery strategies and actions.
  • Judicial administration of insolvent companies, Reorganization of businesses, Valuation of assets and their liquidation.
  • Equity or asset based insolvency solutions.